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I know I have hardly any followers but ARE YOU GUYS FUCKING SEEING THIS?!?!?!





-squeals in delight- <3




- want to move in with boyfriend 20 miles away and work in the area.


- if i move out, mother loses £600 a month in child benefits and maintenance money from my dad which means she, her boyfriend and my older brother will all have to move out (rent for the house is £850 which she cannot afford.


- the money she gets for me is spent on her and her partners drinking habits and holidays.

while part of me wants to teach her a lesson by moving out, i still have a guilty feeling about it.
help anybody?

super pouty but my septum piercing!

There’s this lovely fifty something year old man who came into the pub where I work last Friday and again today, he pays for his pints with five pound notes and lets me keep the £2-odd change every time he orders a drink.

He used to live and work in Uganda and he has a really soft Afrikaans accent, he always talks about his time out in Africa because it’s how he met his wife, he has a twenty-odd year old daughter who lives away at university in London, and his wife died when their daughter was nine from a rare form of malaria and he’s such a genuinely sweet man. He’d been in the pub all day today and as I got ready to leave, he just looked at me and said:

'Thank you for talking to me, it's nice having somebody to talk to.'

And it near enough broke my heart.

Burlesque nurse act.

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why do I not look like this, ffs

I’ve always been one for being a soppy bastard.

But I’ve never been so happy in a relationship in all my life. If you look at it from the unofficial aspect, it’s been about seven months. From the official aspect it’s been about five, but it feels so much longer than that, but at the same time it feels like just yesterday you popped up to me on Facebook with the charming “Sarah smells!”

I’ve never been felt so comfortable around someone. I don’t have to worry about dressing a certain way, how many piercings or tattoos I have, I don’t even have to worry about getting up on a morning and looking like a pile of crap with smudged make-up and frizzy hair, I’ll still get snuggled and kissed just as much as if I was all done up pretty. I don’t have one single insecurity about you. You don’t worry about me going on nights out and copping off with strangers, the same as I don’t worry about you doing the same either. We say the weirdest things and have the same sick sense of humour, but we make it work all the same. We might tick each other off a little bit now and again but that’s not the point, you’re not just my boyfriend.

You’re my boyfriend, my lover, my cuddle monster, and most importantly, you’re my best friend. I’d be bloody miserable without you, I know that for certain. And I love you to absolute bits, I’m so happy you’re back in England, so you too can enjoy the miserable English weather as well as me. :)

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